Psychedelic Integration / Psychedelic Assisted Therapy

Curious about the recent surge in psychedelics in treating conditions, and their ancient healing properties in connecting more fully to self and others during enhanced states of consciousness?

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Fast changing laws are making access to Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy – using plant medicine – to supplement traditional talk therapy is increasingly becoming more accessible to western culture.

What is psychedelic-assisted therapy?

You might be curious about incorporating psychedelic assisted therapy as a treatment to a debilitating mood disorder, substance use disorder, PTSD or other chronic conditions. You might be at a crossroads in life and looking to change your perspective or uncover subconscious thoughts keeping you stuck or angry. Or you may be looking for simply to connect more deeply spiritually, to self and others.

Psychedelic-assisted therapy can be a useful tool in taking personal and professional development to the next level when done with a clinically-trained medical or psychological professional in a safe environment utilizing research-backed protocol.

Plants, like psilocybin, and hallucinogens, are increasingly being researched and incorporated into growth and healing work. Whatever your reason for exploration, be sure to engage with trusted resources.

Who can benefit from psychedelic integration?

Psychedelics have proven scientifically effective in the treatment of several debilitating disorders including Anxiety, Major Depressive Disorder, PTSD, Addiction and so on as well as people suffering from terminal illness.

Clinically supervised experiences have reported providing a safe and soothing experience for couples looking to explore a new way of connecting, and in executive coaching, bringing together ambitious entrepreneurs and leaders together who are looking to leverage the plant medicine’s heart-opening and creative properties to unlock thought-leadership, insight and a spiritual community of their high-achieving peers.

The research is in, psychedelics are effective. But caution to the wise: They are not a panacea to life’s problems. Please be responsible in engaging in the right environment and professionals before diving in.

Read more information on the research of the impact of psychedelics in emotional and mental wellness or to join a MAPs clinical trial.

How is it different than traditional therapy?

Psychedelics (psilocybin, MDMA), when used as integration into deeper work with certified healers (therapists, clergy, doctors) may assist the therapeutic process by uncovering subconscious thoughts that may not surface in regular talk therapy, or which may take more time to uncover.

When done with a trained and trusted clinician as part of an overall integration of healing work, psychedelics may serve as an illuminating agent in healing and happiness goals. They have proven to increase neuroplasticity and the rewiring of neural pathways in the brain which, with insight-oriented integration work, can inspire new ways of seeing experiences and engaging with others.