Episode 1 – Men and Infertility: Sperm Wars

With couples putting off pregnancy until much later in life, the business of infertility has grown into a 2 billion dollar industry in the U.S. alone – every. single. year.

Women often find comfort in each other during the infertility process. But what about men? What are they REALLY thinking? And what about the emotional toll infertility puts on a couple, especially when the man is the infertile partner?

We flipped the script on the usual infertility story and dared to go where others tread lightly. Brad and Brittany Goldman join me to talk sperm wars, emotional battle scars and offer tips for keeping your relationship in-tact during the daunting infertility treatment cycle. Your breakthrough starts now…

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In less than 25 minutes, each episode offers bite-sized breakthroughs that you can implement into your ordinary, day-to-day interactions – at home or in the office – to create bigger shifts in how you connect and deal with whatever curve-ball life throws at you. It’s part how-to, part “This is you.”

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