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Jennifer Musselman: How To Thrive In A Performance Driven Culture

LaFern Cusack speaks with Jennifer Musselman, Executive Coach & Psychotherapist about leadership, what it takes when you are performance driven and the important aspects of a relationships between a coach and athlete. LaFern and Jennifer also dive into what happens when a high performing individual, like your boss, is abusive and what we can do to heal and thrive. Jennifer specializes in emotional intelligence, navigating conflict among leaders and couples, driving systemic change (personally and professionally)

Love in Action with Marcel Schwantes | Workplace Psychology with Jennifer Musselman

Love in Action with Marcel Schwantes

Processing the 2020 Presidential Election Stress

KCBS gives health professionals and I a chance to speak with the public on how to process and deal with presidential election stress during a particularly chaotic election year.

Existing Team Issues and Making System-Level Improvements

Jennifer discusses leadership skills, her experience and how to make system-level improvements in your business or corporation with SaaS expert and podcast host Natalie Luneva.

Releasing pent-up pain & aggression in a constructive, non-destructive manner.

Witness Jennifer counsel Dora, an individual whose lack of maternal nurturing in childhood have manifested in a problematically rude & agressive exterior that is causing issues in her marriage & daily life.

Verbalizing unspoken guilts & grievances to clear the air between couples.

Jennifer deftly addresses underlying fiscal, emotional, & sexual tensions coming in between couples, constructively unearthing & mediating through the issues at the heart of barriers in their relationships.