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Refreshingly bold, humorously peppered, purpose-driven coach for happiness in all areas of life.

You need someone you can trust to not judge you. Someone who gets you and can help you crystallize what’s holding you back. Someone who can walk through uncertainty with you as you face challenges in relationships, with yourself and your purpose in life. Jennifer works with individuals and partners to explore their worlds and how that has influenced their behaviors, thoughts and life choices. She roadmaps new narratives with practical, everyday tools to grow from the inside out, creating a happier, clearer path for your best life.

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Own It: Navigating Change & Emboldening Growth

What's holding you back from getting what you want, causing unnecessary stress or disconnectedness? Jennifer connects with you to explore these patterns, thoughts and actions and employs strategies for real and lasting change. She customizes each session to fit her client's needs, tackling what's happening in the here and now that changes the course of the future. Experience centeredness, clarity, & connectedness. Live more fully & vibrantly.


Get Grounded: Dealing with Anxiety, Stress & Depression

Whether it's a recent event that's causing unmanageable amount of stress or you can't quite shake your anger or pain, you need immediate support. Jennifer works with you to get a hold on the situation and to gain control and perspective. Once you've got relief and clarity, Jennifer can work with you on navigating what's next.