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How do you know when someone you work with has a problem with substance use disorder? It’s difficult enough in person; how about when everyone is communicating through the artificial “reality” of an online video conference? Unfortunately, these are questions that require an urgent answer, as businesses begin the complex process of deciding whether to return to “life as unusual” in the office, or to continue the WFH model indefinitely.

The COVID lockdown has coincided with a surge in sales of alcohol, and has created new anxieties that can trigger increased substance use. The possibility of returning to an office with several co-workers is creating fears of its own, which can lead to real challenges for managers and executives trying to create a safe and healthy working environment under abnormal conditions.

Consider these statistics on alcohol use during COVID:

💬 1 in 3 Americans is more likely to drink alcohol during working hours while in lockdown, according to an alcohol.org survey of people working from home.

💬 Wine sales increased 30.1 percent during the nine-week period ending May 2, while gin sales spiked 42.5 percent during the same period, according to Nielsen

💬 The pandemic is exacerbating opioid use—and face-to-face treatment programs were unavailable for months

💬 A recent study estimated that deaths from suicide, alcohol, and drug use linked to the pandemic could reach 150,000

That’s why I’m creating a series of free, downloadable PDFs on recognizing, healing, and preventing substance abuse in your workplace. These by no means take the place of professional treatment, but they can help equip managers and executives with the tools to recognize the signs when someone needs help, and to guide them toward the assistance they need. I’ll also have a few things to say about drinking culture in companies and how it can be transformed into something healthier, more productive, and more likely to build community!