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Open Communication: Embracing Change & Growing Together

What's holding you back from having the relationship you want, and causing unnecessary stress or disconnectedness? Jennifer dives in with you to explore these patterns, dynamics, thoughts and actions and helps couples build strategies to create relationship growth and rekindle your spark. She customizes each session to fit her couple clients' needs, understanding what's happening in the here and now that changes the course of the future relationship. Experience clarity, connection & passion. Live your love more vibrant and joyously.


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Jennifer is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Organizational Psychotherapist.  She believes when we are in alignment in our relationships (with our self and others), we feel emboldened to conquer the world! When we are at war or disconnected with our partners or spouse, we are not free to be truly seen, loved and expressive.  That affects all areas of our happiness and success.  Jennifer works with individuals and partners to explore their worlds and how that has influenced their behaviors, thoughts and life choices. She teaches healthy communication skills to minimize arguments, spark intimacy and aligns goals for a relationship worth living! She roadmaps new narratives with practical, everyday tools to grow from the inside out, creating a happier, clearer path for your best life.