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Jennifer is an emotional intelligence expert and accomplished executive coach based out of San Francisco and Los Angeles. Following her own successful navigation to create the life she wanted, she discovered her talent to do the same for others. With a collaborative & direct style, she designs practical next steps for flourishing in life and as a leader.

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Jennifer's Background

Jennifer holds a masters education in psychology and leans on her executive training at the prestigious Center for Creative Leadership and her personal experience as an executive in global brand business and start-ups to help others become congruent and strong in all areas of their lives. Her refreshingly bold, humorously peppered, purpose-driven style gets quick results. To begin working together, give Jennifer a call or begin a dialogue by completing the form in the menu above.

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Thanks for the Un-Funking

I have been feeling like crap for a little while now. Tired, run down. So lousy that I almost canceled my appointment with you. But I didn't because 'they' say laughter is the best medicine, and for a few hours it really was. Today was no exception. Thanks for the Un-funking Jen.

via Victor , 48 - Advertising Executive

You're a True Blessing

You always make me think. I will miss working with you when my time is up here. You have made a significant difference in my recovery. Honestly, more than anyone else. I hear you and process what you say. You're a true blessing.

via Blaine , 44 - Health & Fitness Executive

Major Personal Breakthrough

A major personal breakthrough I experienced with Jennifer was realizing how INflexible I was being with MYSELF. Focus on what I 'should' do & comparison to others was limiting my career. This self awareness has been enormously helpful personally & professionally.

via Sarah , 32 - Corporate Executive



Refreshingly bold, humorously peppered, purpose-driven coach for happiness in all areas of life.

You need someone you can trust to not judge you. Someone who gets you and can help you crystallize what’s holding you back. Someone who can walk through uncertainty with you as you face challenges in relationships, with yourself and your purpose in life. Jennifer works with individuals and partners to explore their worlds and how that has influenced their behaviors, thoughts and life choices. She roadmaps new narratives with practical, everyday tools to grow from the inside out, creating a happier, clearer path for your best life.

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Jennifer's Style : Compassionate, Pragmatic, & Direct.

Deliberately & purposefully unearthing what apprehensions, challenges, & hang-ups are preventing you from optimal relationships, functioning, & satisfaction -- and working to a viable solution through dialogue.

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Releasing pent-up pain & aggression in a constructive, non-destructive manner.

Witness Jennifer counsel Dora, an individual whose lack of maternal nurturing in childhood have manifested in a problematically rude & agressive exterior that is causing issues in her marriage & daily life.

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Deconstructing homebuying to empower single women to plant roots independently.

Jennifer promotes her publication "Own It", debunking the problematic myth that "buying alone" means "living alone" & encouraging women to proactive save & make well-measured strategic investments.

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Verbalizing unspoken guilts & grievances to clear the air between couples.

Jennifer deftly addresses underlying fiscal, emotional, & sexual tensions coming in between couples, constructively unearthing & mediating through the issues at the heart of barriers in their relationships.

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Existing Team Issues and Making System-Level Improvements

Jennifer discusses leadership skills, her experience and how to make system-level improvements in your business or corporation with SaaS expert and podcast host Natalie Luneva.

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Processing the 2020 Presidential Election Stress

KCBS gives health professionals and I a chance to speak with the public on how to process and deal with presidential election stress during a particularly chaotic election year.

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